Monday, March 8, 2010

Switch Vision

Tonight I had the pleasure of having dinner with Dave Chute, CEO of Switch Vision . Dave is an old friend of my husband's, and he's a very creative and smart entrepreneur. From an inventor's drawing on a napkin, Dave created a business plan and is building a great company.

As a technology investor, I don't see many businesses like Switch Vision, even though the Company is building its innovative sunglasses with a patented magnetic lens interchange system. The magnets make the lenses snap into the frames, enabling consumers to swap out lenses for various uses (think skiing, cycling, motorcycle riding or reading if you get a prescription lens through Switch Vision). The magnetic lenses "jump" into place in the frames. You choose your lenses based on your preferred activities and use cases. Of course you can choose colors and frames that work best for your face.

One of my favorite parts of what Dave has done is the packaging. The lenses come in plastic cases that are compact enough to fit in your pocket, and the glasses have a pouch that doubles as a lens cleaning material What a great idea and company! It's all so well thought out - from the go to market strategy to the consumer experience... If I could invest today, I would.

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