Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A "Better Me"

I met with a great entrepreneur yesterday, Sterling Mace, Founder and CEO of BetterMe. You can check it out at (it's in beta). BetterMe lets people give and receive anonymous feedback to people in any context (personal or professional). If you're so inclined, you can find out what people really think about your sales pitch, humor or fill in the blank. Think of it as 360 degree feedback from anyone with whom you have interacted. The feedback is anonymous of course and is broken out as "positive", "negative" (perhaps "constructive" in the future and "fyi". Enterprises could certainly benefit from using this. Have you ever been a lower level employee in a large organization and wondered what the heck senior management was thinking because it should have been obvious to anyone with a triple digit IQ that X or Y was utterly broken? That is a rhetorical question... It can be hard for senior management to reach down into an organization and learn the real story. Perhaps by using BetterMe, people across levels and across functions could learn from each other. In my view, the key will be to make sure HR has nothing to do with the purchase of such software - else, I don't think any employee would use it. My hypothesis is that the functions that have matrix reporting/responsibilities are ideal first customers, i.e., Product Management.

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